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Antiques Amber was founded in 1972 by Paul Wagemans. He started out searching for antique furniture on the French, English and German countryside. Soon he got the demand from clients to also search for architectural antiques. This combination was a success and the projects grew in size. During this period the same clients started asking for new timberwork with a old patina. Paul met this demand by using the wood from old oak beams for the construction of stairs, doors, panelling and even complete kitchens.
Today the family company has grown to a reputed house for architectural antiques and interior architecture. There clients are as well professionals as private builders from Europe and the United States. Aside to
 the collaboration with well known mansion builders, decorators and antique dealers they take on two or
 three private total projects every year. The interior architect of Amber draws out the plans and after a three dimensional presentation fixed prices are set. After approval the team starts out with floors and chimneypieces. After this the stairs, kitchen and other wall fixed furniture are placed and finally they furnish the rooms and integrate the antique furniture and objects which usually are already chosen before the plans are drawn.

All clientele is encouraged to participate in the 'open doors' policy of Amber. This means that the client can follow up the complete process of choosing, restoration and  placement of the objects of his or her choice. During this, all participants are in close contact which results in a very individual and a high quality end result. Or as Paul puts it, " We concentrate on craftsmanship and traditional measure work: quality work that is getting very rare in our age of industrialisation and uniformity. Quality that you can also find in many old objects and often go together with an almost natural beauty. A timeless appearance which is not only, but mainly accomplished by the love for the craft."

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